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Dry Cleaning


Dry Cleaning Service

We never compromise the quality of our service. Every item is carefully inspected, dry cleaned, pressed and hand packed. We offer a dry cleaning service where we follow the garments manufacturers cleaning instructions to detail as well as using the latest equipment and processing techniques to ensure that all items receive our best attention.

You can instantly feel the difference after your garments go through our innovative cleaning process. Whatever the cleaning requirement we have the experienced personnel and up-to-the-minute technology to exceed your expectations.

The Process
  1. We carefully inspect your garments to remove mud, fluff and hairs as a pre-spotting treatment.
  2. Dry clean in a purified and stabilised cleaning fluid according to the individual requirements of the fabrics.
  3. All garments are steamed to reshape and then hand pressed.
  4. Quality controller checks any creases and removes any fluff.
  5. Garments are then hand packed and ready for collection.
Stain Removal

One of greatest skills in dry cleaning revolves around stain removal. Specialists cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, but our expert in-house knowledge, drawn from several decades of practice, means that we know what are the best techniques to apply in stain removal. We maintain a fine balance between results and safety. We are here to provide you with the best possible service for all your fabric and garment care requirements.

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