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Gold Star Service

The gold star service is unique to our customers. A thorough cleaning service provided for your garments, especially useful for ‘designer clothes’. It involves a higher quality dry cleaning process.

The Process
  1. We carefully inspect your garments and remove stains, mud, fluff and hairs as a pre-spotting treatment.
  2. Dry clean in a purified and stabilised cleaning fluid, by using two high dip washes.
  3. Your garments are cleaned individually.
  4. Re-texture and anti static treatment is given to prolong the life of your garments and protect them from dust and dirt.
  5. Quality checks for any stain and re-cleaned, if required.
  6. All garments are steamed to reshape and then hand finished to restore and revitalise according to the individual requirements of the fabrics.
  7. Quality controller checks any stains creases and removes any fluff.
  8. Garment is finally packed using acid free tissues, dust cover and clear polythene bag then re-covered again in specially designed suit cover for extra care and protection.
Stain Removal

One of greatest skills in dry cleaning revolves around stain removal. Specialists cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, but our expert in-house knowledge, drawn from several decades of practice, means that we know what are the best techniques to apply in stain removal. We maintain a fine balance between results and safety. We are here to provide you with the best possible service for all your fabric and garment care requirements.

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